23 May 2009

Where are the natural cures?

I'm feeling sick today. I usually never get sick, but I guess you never can say never. I've been having bad stomach pains for about 24 hours. It's not that bad, it just hurts to stand up, sit down, lean forward, lean backward, and walk. So as long as I don't do any of those things, then I'm not in pain. Nevertheless, I do plan to keep this post short so that I may lay back down and watch a Marx Brothers' movie.

Today, is the birthday of U.S. army general, and later U.S. senator, Ambrose Burnside (1824). Now that may not mean anything to most of you viewers, but he is also the man for whom sideburns were named. This was news to me because I never expected the name to come from anywhere in particular, but I guess every word needs an origin. So, today's post is dedicated to my favorite men with sideburns.

Ambrose Burnside:

Sonny Bono:

Charles Darwin:

James Dean:

Elvis Presley:

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yiqin; said...

James dean is hot.