18 May 2009

keep on moving

For the special birthday today, that honor goes to ballet dancer, Margot Fonteyn (1919). Probably best know for her role in Sleeping Beauty as Aurora, she was even knighted by the British empire in 1956. She was known as a "prima ballerina," studying the craft since age four. And in 1954, she became president of the Royal Academy of Dancing...Makes me reflect on my own brief year and a half stint of ballet.

I went out shopping today at Maurices. My sister works there, which is good because I am able to reap the discounts of her labor. I bought a new cardigan and handbag, both in white. I feel like everything in my closet is dark--colored, black, gray, and navy blue. So, now I am trying to buy clothes that do not suit this color theme.

I took a picture of this painting hanging in my parents' room. It was actually done by my uncle's father. My uncle married into the family so the painter is not exactly related to me, but he has done a lot of really cool paintings. This one was given to my mother, and is certainly something I hope to inherit from her in the future, along with her copy of Doctor Zhivago and one of her fur coats.


Morena Doll said...

I'm just so in love with ballet. Beautiful post. I had no idea it was her birthday. :)

Amelia said...

I know exactly what you mean about everything in your closet being dark. Mine is exactly the same way.

I love ballet. It's so fluid and majestic. I wish I was coordinated or flexible enough.

yiqin; said...

Great post!! I have alwys wanted to be a ballerina!!!!

the yellow elephant said...

i love ballerinas! i was one when i was younger, and i definitely want to be one now as well.

Anonymous said...

love employee discounts!