24 May 2009

Mary Had A Little Lamb

"Mary had a little lamb, whose fleece was white as snow."
Sorry, I couldn't resist. And it is even more appropriate since today in 1830 Sarah Joseph Hale published the above poem. And what childhood memories come back after reading this poem; I used to wish I had a pet lamb after I first read this.

Elsa Maxwell would be celebrating a birthday today (1883). A Hostess and party--giver, she was giving the title of "the hostest with the mostest." She is also credited with inventing the Scavenger Hunt, which became a popular game in the 1930s.

Bob Dylan is 68 today (1941). He ranks tops on my favorite muscians. Just Like A Woman is one of my favorite songs.

The craziest thing about where I live is that if you dress up in skirts, etc. you stick out because that's not really the style that this small southern town is known for. But it seems that on Sunday, everyone breaks out the best clothes for church. I was at Wal Mart and these two girls were walking around in black dresses and pearls. That's not really the style you'd normally find here.

I went out to Maurices today so that I could do a little shopping. I bought a skirt and a wallet. The print of the wallet is very me and the skirt was just too pretty to pass up.


Amelia said...

Wow, I had no idea who wrote Mary had a little lamb. I always kind of assumed it was an oral tradition kind of thing.

Anyway, cute outfit. I love the skirt your wearing in the pictures and your new skirt!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i never knew someone was credited with Mary had a little lamb - very interesting!