26 May 2009

"Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway." --John Wayne

Today is the birthday of the late John Wayne (1907), whose real name was Marion Robert Morrison. I have to mention Wayne because of all the cowboy actors out there, he is my favorite. Hondo and North to Alaska are my favorite movies starring him.

There is a picture of him, but I must also include Andy Warhol's painting as well because I am a fan.

Al Jolson would be celebrating a birthday today (1886). He certainly deserves honorable mention because of The Jazz Singer. I love the movies so it is only natural to watch the movie with the first talking line. Not only that, it is also a good movie in its own right.

Today in 1897 Bram Stoker's DRACULA went on sale in London. It always amazes me to see how long certain books have been around. 1897 is over 1oo years older than me yet it's still a classic. Also, Dracula holds a special place to me because the late father of my uncle(who married into the family) was born in Transylvania, which is exciting to know.
And now for some Dracula--inspired fashion...

It is crazy how long one must sit in a waiting room. I went to get a shot today, and I had to sit in the waiting room for over half an hour and then only spent less than 10 minutes getting the shot.


Amelia said...

Ooh, I like Warhol's rendering. The dracula fashion is cool, too.

yiqin; said...

I like the white skirt! :)

Sher said...

Crisp spring outfit! Hope it makes you feel better after that shot :)


dapper kid said...

That Warhol painting is amazing. And yay for dracular, loving the fashion photos :) Ooh and the white skirt looks lovely dear.

caroline said...

i've never seen a movie of john Wayne, but I'd love though..