12 May 2009

Does it ever really end?

Today was my last day of finals and work study. Goodbye Community College, I no longer will be in your presence. Graduation is Friday, and apparently we are graduating with 3 other community colleges in the area. That means that 3/4 of the people graduating that night will be unknown to me--and that's not mentioning the people from my school that I do not know. Oh well, some things we cannot change.

I hate to admit it, but when it comes to the Hepburn actresses (un-related, of course), I have to side with Audrey. She is gorgeous, and her movies are amazing. But it is also important that we do not forget Katherine, who's birthday just happens to be today (1907). I must admit that I do love the way she talked. My mother is originally from Connecticut just like Katherine, but she does not have the accent, unfortunately.

Today we celebrate happy 73 to artist Frank Stella (1936). A painter and sculptor who worked in the minimalism technique, which strips objects down to their geometric state and presents them in an abstract style of art.

Jarama II:

Sinjerli Variation I:

Inaccessible Island Rail:

Shards III:


Gloria C. said...

Graduation :)

What did you study?

Anonymous said...

congrats on graduating!