28 September 2009

Three Cheers for Outfits!!!

So, I officially am now able to upload pictures, which comes along with a depressing story about my incompetence. I went home this past weekend with my boyfriend for a meet the parents introduction which went smoothly and happy with both sides of parents--his and mine. In going home dad presented me with a picture USB cable, which you can stick your memory card into, then plug the port into your computer and the pictures will show up. Yes, that made me happy. Then, dad decides to point out, on the side of my computer, a slot where you can stick in the memory card and the pictures will show up automatically with any connection between them. So, apparently I could have uploaded photos with just having a memory card and a laptop. Typical!

Anyway, I am going to include outfit pictures. The self timer on this camera sucks and using it seems to make me look see through as you can notice in some of these pictures. So, lately my method has been to click the button and get in front of the camera as fast as possible, which is why these are never full body shots. I do apologize for the bad camera techniques.
PS: You can also catch glimpses of my side of the dorm. The beds are lofted and almost as high as me.

Pictures are out of sequence order.

Mocassins I got for my birthday, 1 month ago:

(American Eagle dress, Wet Seal over shirt, Maurices shoes, NY & Co necklace)

Henna tatoo that I got in Cozumel, Mexico. It has worn off by now:

(Thrifted Gap skirt, JC Penny shirt, Wet Seal scarf)

(Thrifted Thakoon for Target skirt, Maurices shirt)

(Thrifted dress, Maurices cardigan)

(Maurices skirt, Mental Floss t-shirt)

(Thrifted Thakoon for Target skirt, Target shirt, Gap trench coat)

(Thrifted Thakoon for Target skirt, Rue 21 tank top, Target coat)

Laundry room fun with friends:

(Maurices skirt, WM shirt, Rue 21 hat (not shown))

21 September 2009

Emmy's Fashion...

I've decided to show off a list of some of my favorite red carpet dresses from the Emmys. It's a bad habit because I don't really care about the Emmys, but I love to see the fashion and what everybody has worn.

Debra Messing in Michael Kors:

A very pregnant Hiedi Klum in Marchesa:

Rose Byrne in Valentino:

Sigourney Weaver in David Meister:

So, this is not necessarily a favorite, but I do love that Victoria Rowell decided to show her political support, even if it is just to get some attention for herself.

18 September 2009


Get in bed. That is exactly the place I wanted to be at 7:45 this morning when I had to get up and face the day. Now, I am over it because I've officially been on weekend mode for the past 30 minutes. Of course that means it is back to Birmingham tomorrow morning to spend the weekend with the boyfriend which has been a recurring theme since I moved up here for college. I guess it's a good thing to not be as close to each other. This way I can use Monday through Friday to study and be preoccupied with school and friends, then use Saturday and Sunday to see him.
Last weekend we actually made it to the Birmingham Art Walk. I was kind of the main reason for that because he just wanted to comment on how he knew nothing about art. I'm minoring in Art History so I enjoyed it, but I think he also had an appreciation for most of what he saw.
But that's my rant for this post. Here are some bed images for your viewing pleasure, all in black and white because they just look cooler that way.

15 September 2009

Random Post...

I must say, still not having the equipment to upload photos from my camera makes this blogging not as good, but I guess that could also be blamed by laziness as well. Classes are not that hard, but more time consuming. Nevertheless, here is a post.

Classes have been exciting for the most part, but I am learning how anti--Anglo-Saxon I am in my Literature class. I had to read Beowulf in 12th grade and it did not excite me then; that has not changed. I am dealing though and making the effort to push through. In about a week or so, we will begin the Canterbury Tales, which I can stand, but that's my English rant.

I'm going to do a post to catch you up on the movies I have watched during the time, because apparently my friends and I have spent a lot of time doing that lately.

Last night we attempted to watch Interview with the Vampire, which I'm sure would have been a very good movie. However, my friends and I developed a severe case of talkativeness and giggles which, needless to say, crushed any hopes I had of a paying attention.

My favorite movie that I have watched lately has to be Repo! The Genetic Opera. I must say that now since my love my Paris Hilton is decreasing, I'm starting to see that she is not that great of a singer in this movie, although the Zydrate Anatomy song which she sings with Graverobber, is very catchy and my favorite song of the movie.

I watched the Crow for the first time. Brandon Lee did a good job at this character. I must say it is strange thinking how he died during the making of this movie, prop guns are no joke.

So, Google has altered its logo to match up with the news of new crop circles. Apparently they are more popular in England, which is where they have appeared again. There's an article you can read here from National Geographic, if you're a believer or interested.

08 September 2009

Quick Catch-Up...

I know I've been going through these random fits of non-blogging lately. I hate that I do go through them because blogging is actually one of my favorite parts of the day. I guess the first week of school is the hardest and there is just so much going on, I the past week, I moved into my dorm here at college, began my classes, gone through much textbook buying drama, and then took the weekend off to spend time with the boyfriend.
I made an unsuccessful trip to Wal Mart in order to find an A/V outlet, which connects from the digital camera to the computer in order to upload pictures. Apparently Wal Mart does not sell these things. Does anyone out there know where I could attempt to find one?
We watched in Inglourious Basterds, which always confuses me with the spelling of "basterds." Nevertheless, it was enjoyable and definitely worth the 153 minutes.

04 September 2009

Support the Cause...

Today I wanted to discus a cause that I had really just heard of and was very inspired by. Many of you have probably heard of the company TOMS shoes. Unless of course you're like me and not entirely familiar. In 2006, Blake Mycoskie traveled to Argentina and in meeting various children, he discovered how a majority of them were not able to even put shoes on their feet. That's when he came up with the website, and for every pair of shoes someone buys, they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need.
The shoes are not exactly that expensive, and they are for a good cause. Here are some of the styles I find to be the cutest.

03 September 2009

Double Take...

Everyone looks in the mirror, whether to see what they look like right now or to envision what they could look like. I love to look in a mirror as much as the next person, but I think it keeps you away from too much vanity if you resist the temptation sometimes as well. The mirror in my dorm has this line across the middle of it that makes for very distorted pictures sometimes.

Mary Kate Olsen:

America's Next Top Model photo:

Kirsten Dunst for Miu Miu:

Sidney Poitier:

Thora Birch:

Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange:

Willa Holland: