15 September 2009

Random Post...

I must say, still not having the equipment to upload photos from my camera makes this blogging not as good, but I guess that could also be blamed by laziness as well. Classes are not that hard, but more time consuming. Nevertheless, here is a post.

Classes have been exciting for the most part, but I am learning how anti--Anglo-Saxon I am in my Literature class. I had to read Beowulf in 12th grade and it did not excite me then; that has not changed. I am dealing though and making the effort to push through. In about a week or so, we will begin the Canterbury Tales, which I can stand, but that's my English rant.

I'm going to do a post to catch you up on the movies I have watched during the time, because apparently my friends and I have spent a lot of time doing that lately.

Last night we attempted to watch Interview with the Vampire, which I'm sure would have been a very good movie. However, my friends and I developed a severe case of talkativeness and giggles which, needless to say, crushed any hopes I had of a paying attention.

My favorite movie that I have watched lately has to be Repo! The Genetic Opera. I must say that now since my love my Paris Hilton is decreasing, I'm starting to see that she is not that great of a singer in this movie, although the Zydrate Anatomy song which she sings with Graverobber, is very catchy and my favorite song of the movie.

I watched the Crow for the first time. Brandon Lee did a good job at this character. I must say it is strange thinking how he died during the making of this movie, prop guns are no joke.

So, Google has altered its logo to match up with the news of new crop circles. Apparently they are more popular in England, which is where they have appeared again. There's an article you can read here from National Geographic, if you're a believer or interested.


Sher said...

Try to see the Interview with a Vampire again. You do have to watch it to get the gist of what is going on. It was close to the book version and that made me happy. Anything that was changed I think made it better.

On the other hand Queen of the Damned was no where near the book version.

Frank&Rémy said...

I love The Crow with Brandon Lee, it so sad that he died on the set

Denise said...

school is not my most favorite place in the world,but i met my friends there so i guess something good happened there.

good luck on your school.

But i love books. Books are my school.

caroline said...

it's been i while since i saw a movie. i realy want to though..

amy said...