31 August 2009

"If You're Thinkin' About My Baby It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White" --Michael Jackson

Iekeliene Stange has got to be one of my favorite models when it comes to style. Off runway you just see most models being unadventurous with jeans and t-shirts. But not Stange, off runway she seems to be adventurous and take chances. Not that this post really refers to her everyday style, but you get where my love comes in. I love this editorial of her for the Majo Fruithof 2009 collection...

30 August 2009

Playing Catch Up...

Sorry, I've been such a pathetic blogger lately. So, this is an attempt to catch you up...

My birthday was in good spirits. It started with a morning jog with my brother. Then off to meet my sister and mother at Maurices and do some birthday shopping and from there, I ended up cake shopping with my mother. Then, I returned home for some distracted packing time until the family all went out to dinner. Then, I ended up at the theatre with some friends to hang out on my last night in town and watch Halloween II. I'm not a follower of the Halloween movies, so needless to say, I had some confusion. Then I returned home to finish packing until the wee hours of 3 a.m.

Yesterday morning I moved into my dorm. It is quite small and not very homely when you first see it. But I decorated accordingly and now have a quaint little loft. The beds are raised to almost 5 feet off the ground. I have to use a chair or a very high jump just to get up there.
Pictures will be coming soon. You may have heard me mention how my Canon is not favorable to taking pictures after its run in with the ruins in Mexico. However, my parents did lend me a Kodak to use, which would be perfect if my computer/camera hookup fit in this camera. Of course it doesn't though. So, until then, you will not see dorm pictures and I do apologize for that. Also, my aunt has decided to send me an old Nikon film camera that she found stashed away in her closet. I am truly excited for this one. It has been so long since I've made use of a regular film camera. I'm a sucker for a good old fashioned camera-- they're like art to me.

Nevertheless, here are some room pictures I find quite favorable. Of course, my dorm does not resemble any of these, but I must dream.

28 August 2009

The Glorious Post--Teenage Years...

Today I am celebrating my 20th birthday. It's quite strange that I'm out of my teenage years. I've been trying to repeat it in my head that I'm 20, but I don't think it has fully set in yet.

This morning I awoke to my father giving me a bouquet of flowers, which he stuck various dollar bills into. It was a pretty creative idea.

Mom is the cake fan, whose favorite part of celebrating birthdays is the cake. I'm waiting to see what she's going to surprise me with this year.

Probably the most interesting thing that happened on my birthday was that Martin Luther King delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial back in 1963.

27 August 2009

Light It Up...

Fire is hot. Or rather, fire with fashion is hot. There is no better way to guarantee your hotness in an outfit than by adding some fire.

26 August 2009

Cozumel, Mexico...

This is the tourist shopping center near the port, where I made most of my souvenir purchases.

This statue was located in the shopping center.

We rented a car and drove around the island ourselves.

This is the view of what I was sitting over in the previous picture.

We were lucky enough to find this semi-private beach, where we could go swimming. An interesting piece of information that I was not aware of, Cozumel is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. I just figured it was the gulf of Mexico.

We stopped and took a tour of ancient Mayan ruins in this section called San Gervasio. It's amazing how long they have been around for. What's cool, is that you are actually allowed to walk right up to most of the buildings. Of course, there are some roped-off sections and locked doors to the buildings, but it was great to get so close.
You can notice my digital camera acting up in some of the these. Sadly it suffered some bruises here at the ruins, so I'm not sure how many more pictures I will get out of it.

25 August 2009

Cruise Travels...

I returned yesterday from vacation, and now it is time for pictures. I've decided to split them up. Today you can see pictures of the cruise, then tomorrow I will include the pictures that I took in Mexico.

The view of the boat after we parked:

Reading material, etc, for the trip: Seventeen magazine, Great Expectations, and a small notebook.

We left from Mobile, Alabama. This is the ship docked at port before we left.

On board, unpacking and sitting in the cabin.

This is the second day on board (Friday).

Friday night we attended the Captain's dinner. It's not really a dinner though. We just went into the lounge and met the captain, then he got on stage and spoke and introduced some of the head staff.

This obviously is not a real bus. There was a Bus Stop bar in the middle of the hallway on one floor. It was one of about 5 bars that they had on this cruise.

The water was a really cool color blue.

The waiters performed every night at dinner. This particular night they danced to the song, "Low" by Flow Rider. This waiter got really into it and decided to entertain the crowd by shaking off his vest.

Every night the stewards would leave these towel animals in our cabin. I did eventually learn how to make them myself this cruise. I can make an elephant and puppy dog. These are a frog, 2 puppies, and a monkey.