26 August 2009

Cozumel, Mexico...

This is the tourist shopping center near the port, where I made most of my souvenir purchases.

This statue was located in the shopping center.

We rented a car and drove around the island ourselves.

This is the view of what I was sitting over in the previous picture.

We were lucky enough to find this semi-private beach, where we could go swimming. An interesting piece of information that I was not aware of, Cozumel is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. I just figured it was the gulf of Mexico.

We stopped and took a tour of ancient Mayan ruins in this section called San Gervasio. It's amazing how long they have been around for. What's cool, is that you are actually allowed to walk right up to most of the buildings. Of course, there are some roped-off sections and locked doors to the buildings, but it was great to get so close.
You can notice my digital camera acting up in some of the these. Sadly it suffered some bruises here at the ruins, so I'm not sure how many more pictures I will get out of it.


Couture Carrie said...

So fun, darling! I would love to go to Cozumel someday!

Love your navy dress :)


Sher said...

Isn't it amazing to be there and to touch those ruins. They have been there for thousands of years and we are here for just a spec of time. Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing. I've never been :)

Erika said...

What gorgeous sights - I especially love the Mayan Ruins. You look adorable in your straw fedora and navy dress! :)

Polished Sense said...

Such cool photos lady! Love your hat!


Amelia said...

What a beautiful place! I would love to see Mayan ruins in person :)

FabBlab said...

Would love to go to Cozumel! Looks gorgeous!