25 August 2009

Cruise Travels...

I returned yesterday from vacation, and now it is time for pictures. I've decided to split them up. Today you can see pictures of the cruise, then tomorrow I will include the pictures that I took in Mexico.

The view of the boat after we parked:

Reading material, etc, for the trip: Seventeen magazine, Great Expectations, and a small notebook.

We left from Mobile, Alabama. This is the ship docked at port before we left.

On board, unpacking and sitting in the cabin.

This is the second day on board (Friday).

Friday night we attended the Captain's dinner. It's not really a dinner though. We just went into the lounge and met the captain, then he got on stage and spoke and introduced some of the head staff.

This obviously is not a real bus. There was a Bus Stop bar in the middle of the hallway on one floor. It was one of about 5 bars that they had on this cruise.

The water was a really cool color blue.

The waiters performed every night at dinner. This particular night they danced to the song, "Low" by Flow Rider. This waiter got really into it and decided to entertain the crowd by shaking off his vest.

Every night the stewards would leave these towel animals in our cabin. I did eventually learn how to make them myself this cruise. I can make an elephant and puppy dog. These are a frog, 2 puppies, and a monkey.


nurmisur said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures. It's good to see you smiling in one of them :)
Are the animal towels very dificult to make? They do look coplicated.

Sher said...

Looks like you had a great time! I'm hooked on cruises and want to go again. I love all your outfits, but my favorite is the one with the fedora :)

can't wait to see more pictures!

Amelia said...

I like your dress and hat from the 2nd day! Nice pictures.

coco said...

Cute floral dress.

yiqin; said...

THE TOWEL RABBIT IS SO CUTE. I need to learn how to make them!!