26 April 2009

There's always something...

Birthdays for today:
--Samuel F. B. Morse (1791): Inventor of Morse Code

--Wallace Carothers (18960): Inventor of Nylon

In a friend of mine's art class, they made lights and chairs. The light can actually turn on, and the chair is just so funky it's cool. I had to take pictures and show everyone...

On Thursday I went to my very first Saint's Day, which is a little fun-day at my college.They do it every year, but this is the first one I've ever attended. It was fun to go and hang out with friends, play tug-o-war, and hang out on the slip-n-slide. In getting ready, I channeled those great music festivals that I wish I could go to. Particularly Coachella and that amazing dressed crowd. Although this day was no where near what I'm sure was going on at Coachella.

For my work in Habitat for Humanity I received a small part in the paper. Unfortunately you are only able to see my baseball cap. What a shame...

My photos did not want to upload yesterday, so I decided to re-try today

The beach water is still a little cold:

The Hard Rock Cafe in the commons:

A fountain in the commons:

By the beach:

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Amelia said...

That sounds like a cool art class! I wish my school had something like Saint's Day.