02 April 2009

Slumdog Schoolgirl

I watched Slumdog Millionaire today. Now that I've seen all the movies win Oscars, I have to go and rent them. Our local movie theater doesn't play movies like that--just blockbusters. So far I've rented Milk, and now it's this one. It's won 8 Oscars, and was well worth it if you ask me. And the colors of India are amazing--especially the saris that you see the girls wear.

Went to American Lit today. As well as Sociology. In Sociology, I was told that I must put on a presentation about sexuality. This means posting pictures on a poster board about how we view sexuality today. Not due until Tuesday. American Lit went better--we're reading the poetry of Robert Frost.


Nathalie Snip said...

sexy photo's maar een beetje onduidelijk

Amelia said...

Yeah, I really need to see all the Oscar-nominated movies, too. I'm so behind.

I love the colors in your outfit.