19 April 2009

"the shot heard round the world.."

In April 19, 1775, the shot was taken place that began the Revolutionary War.
Also, Jayne Mansfield was born today in 1933. A couple of posts ago I mentioned her in a sexuality report I had to do for my Sociology class, and she just really seemed to have great sex appeal...

Went to Open Pond today. It was built in 1983 and reconstructed in 2001. The weather was cloudy and not the best atmosphere, but it was still nice to get out...

In the log cabin there, they had an unlit fireplace:

They posted signs that said beware of alligators:

The pine cones there were bigger than normal:

The view of the pond:

Me on the dock:


Amelia said...

Open Pond looks really nice. Too bad about the weather...

Morena Doll said...

Thanks for the comment.
And gosh I love these.
I always wished to live near a pond. That's not going to happen here in Cali. Haha.