05 April 2009

Concerts & Autographs

  • Yesterday after I posted I went back to the Rattlesnake Rodeo to see the concerts...

Mom and I stood in line for two hours to get Jeff Bate's autograph. Of course I did try to sneak ahead so I didn't have to wait that long. I asked a guy if I could get in front of him and he very graciously allowed, but then the woman in front of him freaked out on me and I decided to just go in the back of the line rather than to start a fight. Ugh!

Bates performing:

That's Jeff Bates, in the Aeropastle hoodie:

I didn't notice the look this lady in the corner was giving me until after I was reviewing my pictures:

I got his autograph. I tried to get a picture too, but mom couldn't focus the camera and the result was a blurry picture of our hips. Ah, moms! But I am happy that I got his autograph:

J.B Roberts performed first. I watched him play last year too. It had rained and Craig Morgan canceled his show, but Roberts stuck it out through the rain.
He;s the one in the brown flannel shirt with the guitar:

After he played, he went behind the stage and signed autographs. So I went and got his autograph again on this poster. It's a little blurry:


Amelia said...

This looks really cool.

Anonymous said...

looks awesome!