02 March 2009

Seussical Weather

Why must March lead to such cold weather? As a native New Yorker relocated to Alabama, cold weather is not exactly a grievance of mine, and I have not yet found much use for my wool outerwear, but it actually snowed yesterday! It was only a couple of flakes and nothing stuck, but it did make for a chilly first day of March. And today out of an act of stubbornness, the weather has refused to leave the forties(it is currently 48-degrees). The forecast has predicted that the high today would be 49, tomorrow will be 56, and Wednesday will bring 64-degrees. How fickle the weather seems to be!
In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, google has created this amazing way to spell out its name using characters from the famous Dr Seuss books. Quite imaginative if I do say so myself.


Casey said...

Ugh, jealous! I want snow!
It actually sprinkled today [and yesterday it was so hot! California can never make up it's mind] but I'm pretty sure 1/2 an inch of snow is anywhere as cool as snow.

And I love google's banner on holidays. :]

Liberty London Girl said...

Oh I loved that Google header - and I didn't know what it was for! Thank you... LLGxx