14 March 2009


Took a trip to Fort Walton Beach today. Got some pictures taken, but it was raining so not too much was going on. Apparently Britney and Jamie Lyn Spears were hanging out at Destin Commons today, but I did not get to see them. My brother works in the Commons and someone came into his work and mentioned it--how cool! I wish I could have gotten to be there. I like Britney Spears, and apparently Jamie Lyn is trying to get a country record deal. And for my amazing discovery today: I managed to score a cute Gap skirt from the thrift store, then when we stopped at another store and I found those plastic glasses with the eye brows and mustache. They say those are modeled after Groucho Marx, and he is my hero!

Random: Pamela Anderson walking for Vivienne Westwood:

My hero:

My Groucho Marx impression:

My parents:

At FWB, I like the footprints part:

The rest rooms sign is shaped like a surfboard:

stopped at McDonalds

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Elizabeth said...

that first outfit is crazy cool and i could use some mcdonalds right now-yum!