06 March 2009

D-Squared and tripods

This evening I was able to get to the store to buy my very first tripod. I am very excited; it is so cute! Now hopefully this will improve my pictures, or at least the backgrounds. Now if only I could get a new camera to have better quality. Sometimes my camera just likes to go blury on me. I'm hoping to buy either a Nikon of Canon next, but unfortunately funds are too low right now.

D-Squared ranks as one of my recent favorite shows. Having the girls walk down the runway holding Starbucks and carrying Us Weeklys in their bags; can you say "genius!" The staples in this runway show included t-shirts, bright colored button-downs, and boyfriend jeans, as well as having every look "accessorized with knit caps, sunglasses, and bling," according to style. Here are a very few of my favorite hilights from the show...


Amelia said...

Those dinosaurs are so cute! Congrats on taking the plunge into tripod-owning.

Mila said...

You look lovely, dear!