01 March 2009

A good end to beautiful start

Yesterday, as part of my glamorous life as a distinguished member of Campus Civitans, I had to help out with the 22nd annual rodeo. Four hours of watching kids run into, jump around, and run out of a bounce house. Ah, there must be a more glorious way to spend a Saturday night. The good thing though was that a friend of mine came over and kept me company, and that I was able to experience some of the excitement that a rodeo has to offer.
Today has brought out the ballet in me. Our local ballet was putting on a presentation of Sleeping Beauty. I have seen them perform the Nutcracker back in December, and they aren't half bad. Ballet dancers definitely have it going on, if only because of their shoes. Of course going to the Ballet always posed the question of what does one wear to the ballet. I kept it simple in skinny jeans, boots, and a sweater, but I guess you can always go dressier. Does anyone else out there love the ballet as much as I do.

The first picture was taken before I went to the ballet and the second picture was taken after I had got home. You can see the contrast of the lighting.

Dancers from the Montgomery Ballet came to perform with our local ballet.


Amelia said...

That sounds really nice. It's been way too long since I last went to the ballet.

Simone said...

i love ballet!

im a ballerina :D