29 March 2009


Finally made it on a short day trip over my Spring Break. I went to Mobile, Alabama for the first time in my life and visited the Mobile Museum of Art. It was really nice inside. They had a Norman Rockwell exhibit that was pretty neat to see. As well as a St. John's Bible rendition. This group of people are re-writing the St. John's Bible. It's hand-written and filled with pictures, all done in calligraphy. We only got to see sections though because the whole thing will not be done until 2011! It was all pretty amazing. There was even an Andy Warhol painting. He is one of my favorite artists (...along with Rene Magritte).
The only sad two things was that 1) By the time we got done going through the museum, the gift shop was closed. 2) Cameras were not allowed in the building, so I cannot share these pictures with you. Although they did have a few cool sculptures outside of the museum.

Mobile Museum of Art:

The museum building:

A sculpture of the Holy Bible:

Not exactly what this sculpture is supposed to represent:

A girl sculpture knelt down:

A painted trash can:

A bridge outside of the museum, leading from the museum to a playground.

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