14 February 2009

Valentines & Goodys & Style

Just wanted to start off by wishing a happy Valentine's day! Seeing as how I don't have a valentine this year, I celebrated today like any other single gal would: watching sappy love movies and shopping. A going out of business sale at Goody's meant a new black skirt for me. I love skirts...I'm trying to change my style. I'm usually a jeans and t-shirt type of girl, but I want to change it to a more dressier approach. I like the style of constantly wearing skirts and dresses, but I guess I have to go shopping for more skirts because I don't own that many. Also, with color. I don't usually wear too much color. I just kept it simple with black and gray.
Any-who...I wanted to get the skirt because Tuesday I will be inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa honor society at my college. I have to dress up for it so the skirt will prove worthy I believe.

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