24 February 2009

the lines I love and the problems I don't

Another day at school. I can't really complain about the homework I do get at college because it is so few, but math is just about to bury me today. All day I've been at work, in the library, and any other place where I could work on it. And it must be done today because it must be turned in tomorrow when I take the test...and after working of the homework, I'm not sure if I'm excited for this test. Does anyone else just hate Math? I'll just stick with English.

As for lines that I love, this time Chloe Sevigny takes the win. On style.com she talked about drawing inspiration from "skinheads to Connecticut kids to St. Marks Place." As well as adding that the line for Opening Ceremony only got started because she wanted to design "pink flannel shirt." Luckily for us, she did design.

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Casey said...

I'm so in to those shoes on the top right!

And believe me, I understand how it feels to be buried in math. I have tons of homework due tomorrow. And what am I doing right now? haha, commenting on fashion blogs! I'll never get it done!