25 February 2009

Retail Therapy and Yoga

So Math just felt like a disaster. A 16 problem test and I only seemed to know how to do one problem! Er... Hopefully I'll get some dumb luck and get at least a passing grade. Midterm grades go out next week and I know Phi Theta Kappa is just itching to kick me out of there for not making good grades. Hopefully, since this is my last semester, they'll just keep me in even if I don't have a 3.5 average.

But, the rest of the day seemed to shape up. After the test I went next door over to Wal Mart to shop off that disaster. Nothing like a little retail therapy, right? I bought more batteries for my digital camera, a little notebook to doodle in, and a pair of dark purple tights. I love tights, but I didn't own any pretty colorful ones...until today. All I had was black, white, and gray.
After hitting up Wal Mart I managed to make it to macroeconomics, work, yoga, and back to work. I'm definitely loving the balance and flexibility yoga is teaching me. I strongly recommend to anyone who feels like a klutz. It does help you.

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