31 July 2009

"Beauty as Art"

Today I've decided to combine two of my favorite passions: fashion and art. The addition of art incorporated into these photos are gorgeous. Some pictures were inspired by artwork, while others added paint, etc. to add a more theatrical look.

30 July 2009

4--Eyed Fashion Statement

Glasses do have a fashion side. Depending on how you wear them, they can add so much either by making them the statement piece of the outfit, or by down-playing them...

Johnny Depp:

Chloe Sevigny:

Andy Warhol:

Kristen Dunst for Miu Miu:

Kanye West:

Versace ad:

Luella runway:

These are a picture of my new glasses and the outfit I wore to go get them and run errands.
Story time: I don't live right in town, so it's about a 10 minute drive to civilization for me. When I went out yesterday to get my glasses and run some errands it was down-pouring, again. So, I broke out my wellies. (They're black with pink and white hearts), but it was not raining in town. In fact, the sun was shining bright at 86-degrees. I went to Wal Mart with my dad and everyone was wearing shorts & t-shirts & sandals, and I was dressed like this...

(Details: Supermarket of Shoes wellies, Goodys skirt, WM t-shirt, Dillard's trench coat)

29 July 2009

Don't feed the models...

There's a common misconception that models don't eat, and that they all suffer from some type of eating disorder. Okay so they are thinner than the average person, and some are just naturally that way, although some may have issues with food as well. Modeling seems to incorporate a lot of food and beverages in their ads, although we can't tell if they actually eat that food, it's still a semi-ironic thing to look at...

I usually try to do these posts to pertain to what I'm doing with my life, or vice versa. Yesterday I went to dinner at my mentor's house. It was surprisingly a lot of fun, filled with trying food that I had never eaten (Honestly, we do not eat catfish in my house), having intelligent English major conversations, and even getting entertained with some live piano entertainment (2 words: Fur Elise)...
PS: Had to snap pictures inside because the rain would not subside.

(Details: DKNY via Dillards top, Thrifted Thakoon for Target skirt, mom's stockings, Gap trench coat, Wal Mart shoes)

28 July 2009

Verb--It's what you do...

Lights, Camera, Action... It's time to get moving. Action and movement in pictures can add so much more than a stoic pose. However you move around in pictures, just do it your way...

Here are pictures of what I wore yesterday. It's also the where I got the picture for my header. You can see my pathetic attempt at trying a jumping shot in the last two pictures...
PS: I'm not sure how the header looks on my page. Do you all like it and think it suits?

(Details: Thrifted dress, Goodys vest, Flea Market belt, Payless flats)

27 July 2009

Outfit post...

I've decided to catch you up on some of my outfits that I've worn.

(Details: Mental Floss t-shirt, Thrifted Gap skirt, Wal Mart shoes, NY&Co bag)

I got this t-shirt for free in the mail last week from Mental Floss...

(Details: Mental Floss t-shirt, Wal Mart skirt and shoes)

26 July 2009

"Art consists of reshaping life but it does not create life, nor cause life." --Kubrick

Filmmaker Stanley Kubrick was born today in 1928. Sad that the genius of Kubrick is no longer with us, but it's great that we can still reflect on his multiple masterpieces. Here are my favorite Kubrick movies. I'd love to know yours...

"I am not a king. I am something better. A free man."

Bernard Wilhelm runway:

"What drives me insane is the twofold nature of this nymphet...this mixture in my Lolita of tender, dreamy childishness and a kind of eerie vulgarity."

Franz Herholdt photography:

"Open the pod bay doors Hal"
--A Space Odyssey--


"It's funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen."
--A Clockwork Orange--

Jessica Stam for Vogue Italia: