02 July 2009

Happy Birthday Lindsay Lohan...

Lindsay Lohan officially turns 23 today (1986), despite the fact that she has already thrown one birthday party for herself over the weekend. My guess is that it won't be the last of her birthday parties though. For my Lindsay picture set I've included pictures where she's kissing people on the cheek. With her sister, Ali, it seems to happen a lot...

Here is a picture from Lindsay's photo shoot for Glamour Magazine, where she re-creates Madonna. It seems like she's always compared to/trying to look like someone else. It's gone from Ann-Margaret to Elizabeth Taylor to Marilyn Monroe, and now Madonna. Who will it be next?

Style.com did a section on nails. These colors are so fun, definitely not boring. My favorite is the green and the red, white & blue nails.
see more here

I've decided to include pictures of random customizing I did yesterday...The first two pictures are of a plastic container. I wrote quotes on it from Walden by Henry David Thoreau.

This side says "Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth."

This side says "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost."

I painted these clothespins orange, red, and purple:

This is what my desk currently looks like:


Couture Carrie said...

Love your desk!

Happy bday to La Lohan... I heard she got paid 70K to have that first party!


P.S. Those nails are tres cool!

Sher said...

My fave is the purple eyes and french nails. You desk looks so much better than mine!

Lexie said...

i love kissy pictures!

Joelyne said...

oh wow she's the same age as me! i didn't realise!

a happy birthday to her and i adore the madonna shoot she did!


jamie clare said...

oh, li-lo, haha. the girl does need to kind of figure out her own identity. and get some serious film roles.

i love those green nails! i think they're that 'peppermint patti' color i have been obsessed with for a while now

this wheel's on fire said...

Maybe LLo loves her profile...?

Thanks for your comment :D

sharon said...

Lovely blog!
I really like the green fingernails because they look so happy :)

Have a good day,

Amelia said...

Hmm, I'd never noticed that with LiLo. So random.

I love your customization!

coco said...

I'm sooo over Lilo, she needs to go away for about a year and sort herself out. I still love her in Mean Girls though.


Li-Lo has a great style...I see she is in a good wave lately..good for her :)

Eva Ana said...

Haha shes kissing everybody. cheap trick :D