30 June 2009

My photography, wishes & more history...

Today in 1936 the famous Civil War novel, Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell was published. I'll admit that I never did make it through the book, but I really adore the movie. (The bottom picture is my own purse.)

I had to wake up at 7am today for a doctor's appointment. It was one of those appointments where you wait for two hours, then visit with the doctor for 10 minutes and you're done. Waking up early made me tired and wishing I was still in bed like these pictures.

Yesterday afternoon my parents and I stopped at the lake to walk around; I got some good shots there, although my mother did snap the photos of me.

29 June 2009

The greats are not worthy to walk amongst the living...

Today is the birthday of the late composer/conductor Bernard Hermann (1911). The man was a genious, having composed for such movies as Taxi Driver, Farhenheit 451, Cape Fear, Citizen kane, as well as a number of Hitchcock films.

Billy Mays passed yesterday. I have to admit that I'm going to miss seeing him advertise all of those useless products. There aren't many good sellers out there, but at least the Shamwow/Slapchop guy is amusing. They say Mays was found unresponsive in his Tampa home, but the cause is still not clear. His wife say he was complaining about a hit on the head he got when his plane was acting shaky. I only hope it wasn't the same thing that Natasha Richardson died of.

I met up with some friends yesterday and saw Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. I love the Transformers movies.

This skirt is so flowy. Although my father rather disliked it, saying "It's good to have your own style, but that skirt is a little ridiculous." Oh well...

These are the flats I wore today. I love plaid!

28 June 2009

It starts with one...

Today is the Flemish painter, Peter Paul Rubens (1577).
Self Portrait with Isabella Brant:

Venus and Adonis

The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus:

The Garden of Love:

Today is the birthday of John Dillinger. To some he's a legendary bank robber, and to others he's a character being portrayed by Johnny Depp in the new movie, Public Enemies.

I have to discus the gay rights movement now. Today in 1969, members of a NY gay bar, the Stonewall Inn, rioted after the club was raided by the police. This was said to be the start of the gay liberation movement.
31 years later in 2000, the US supreme court ruled that the Boy Scouts of America had a constitutional right to exclude gay members.
Fast forward 8 years from that day to 2008, and the Presbyterian church votes to amend its constitution to allow openly gay and lesbian clergy.
I don't know where you all stand on the issue, but as for me, I do support. I think it is wrong to judge someone based on sexual preference. In response to that, I must say that some gay pride assemblies can go a bit overboard, especially when they dress in skimpy village people outfits. Although I appreciate Hollywood's take on the issue, making movies such as MILk and BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.

This is what I wore yesterday. I seemed to be inspired by ballet poses while taking these pictures. I'm just trying to find new ways to pose.

I finished customizing that magazine holder I wrote about yesterday. I like it because it will add color to those drab white dorms. I was going to do the second one, but I wanted your opinion: Do you think that I should paint the other one exactly like this one, or mix it up? Any design suggestions would be a great. Thank you.

This is what it looked like at first:

This is the front where I did doodles and dots:

The second color is a little lighter than the first because I ran out of that color.

27 June 2009

Special Birthdays and Shopping Trips...

Back in 1859 a school teacher from Louisville, Ky, Mildred Hill, wrote a song for her students that she called "Good morning to you." Later, her sister Patty, wrote in the words, "Happy Birthday to you."
I have to include a special birthday today; my very own sissy is celebrating her 21st birthday. She would not be impressed if she knew that I chose this picture, but I like it. I was taken on the way home from a trip to Atlanta, Georgia.

The blind and deaf heroin Helen Keller was born today(1880). She was born in the same state that I now live in--Alabama. I've always been quite fascinated with her because of all that she has gone through. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be blind or deaf, let alone both.

I went to Wal Mart last night to buy a desk lamp yesterday. I'm leaving for college in less than 2 months and I practically have all of the essentials that I need (i.e. luggage, bedding, towels, bath stuff). I bought magazine holders at a thrift store, but they were this ugly gray color, so I've been customizing them and I will show pictures once they're done.

26 June 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

The bicycle was patented today in 1819. Here are some fashion bicycle pictures. Remember those old bicycles with the big front wheel. Can you imagine if the models today posed on bikes like that?

After finishing a tribute post to Farrah Fawcett yesterday, I quickly learned that Michael Jackson had passed away as well. My dad told me and I did not believe him. Supposedly he died by going into cardiac arrest, but official details will not come out until autopsy and toxicology reports are taken.
Until then, I have decided to post pictures of Michael Jackson's style throughout the decades.
see more Michael pictures here

Hint Mag did a special 1998--2009 special for Marc Jacobs ads photographed by Juergen Teller. The photos are interesting, fashionable, and definitely not boring.
Learn more here